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Welcome to:
Diversity in Psychology Organization of Graduate Students (DPOGS)
at Florida State University

DPOGS is a diverse group of graduate students in psychology, neuroscience, and related fields. Our primary goal is to support diversity and inclusion in our fields through advocacy, service, education, and social events. We provide an avenue for members to make meaningful professional and social connections with other students, to have educational experiences supportive of diversity and inclusion efforts, to feel empowered to create change, and to feel supported in both their academic and personal lives. 



Twitter: @FSUDPOGS


about us

Welcome! We would like to introduce you to our organization, Diverse Psychology Graduate Students Organization (DPGSO). We are a group of diverse and allied psychology graduate students dedicated to supporting and increasing diversity in our department and at FSU in general. Our activities are as diverse as our students. We advocate for and support the recruitment and retainment of diverse undergraduates, graduates, and faculty in our department. We host social events for diverse graduate students, including our annual Thanksgiving potluck. We also perform outreach programs such as the annual DiverseFest, a one-day conference to support diverse undergraduates in applying to graduate programs in psychology.


*Indicates area representative.

  • Cognitive Members: 

    • Erin Harrell​

  • Developmental Members:

    • Mia Daucourt

    • Connie Barroso Garcia

    • Valeria Rigobon*

    • Rachel Waters-Joyner

    • Sarah Wood

  • Neuroscience Members: 

    • James Brown​

    • Eileen Chun

    • Manal Tabbaa

  • Social Members:

    • Kristina Chamberlin​

    • Danielle Krusemark*

about us

Welcome! We would like to introduce you to our organization, Diversity in Psychology Organization of Graduate Students (DPOGS). We are a diverse group of psychology and neuroscience graduate students dedicated to supporting and increasing diversity and inclusion in our department, FSU at large, and our fields. We support diversity in all of its forms, including race, ethnicity, nationality, citizenship status, sexual and gender orientations, and ability. 

Our activities are as diverse as our members. We promote diversity and inclusion best practices for recruiting, retaining, and supporting diverse students and faculty. We host a semesterly Diverse Speaker Series to showcase the research and personal journeys of talented and inspiring PhD-level professionals from underrepresented backgrounds. We host a variety of social events to foster a supportive network of graduate students. We also perform outreach programs to support diverse undergraduates who are interested in pursuing graduate studies. You can learn more about these activities under the tabs at the top of this screen.


Below is a list of our current graduate student members. Although voting rights are reserved for FSU graduate student members, membership is open to all, regardless of demographic or academic background. If you would like to join DPOGS, please email us at and we'll add you to our listserv.


*Indicates area representative.

  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ashby Plant

  • Clinical Area Members:

    • Melissa Meynadasy*

    • Alex Martin

    • Allison Daurio

    • Carolyn Marsh

    • Charlotte Grillot

    • Chris DeCamp

    • Elia Soto

    • Elizabeth Chan

    • Eric Hand

    • Esther Park

    • Isaac Mirzadegan

    • Isis Chen

    • Keanan Joyner

    • Lee Robertson

    • Lushna Mehra

    • Lyndsey Chong

    • Mary Duffy

    • Morgan Robison

    • Nicole Groves

    • Shellie Stewart

    • Roshni Janakiraman

  • Cognitive Area Members: 

    • Jess Wood*

    • Kat Chia

  • Developmental Area Members:

    • Cynthia Norris*

    • Rachel Conlon

    • Mia Daucourt

    • Nandrea Burrell

    • Valeria Rigobon

    • Qiushan Liu

    • Rachelle Johnson

  • Neuroscience Area Members: 

    • James Brown​*

    • Lexi Perrini

    • Alicia Gonzalez

    • Eileen Chun

    • Grayson Platt

    • Jessica Simon

    • Savoya Joyner

  • Social Area Members:

    • Kristina Chamberlin*​

    • Doug Kievit

    • Danielle Krusemark

    • Jose Martinez

    • Olivia Breedin

About Us
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